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It’s time to challenge your thinking!

If you’re a business owner, the concept of “solar panels for businesses” might seem fanciful or financially unrealistic – regardless of its appeal on other fronts. It may seem better suited for Fortune 500 companies with big capital budgets or for some future state of your company.

Small and mid-sized business owners from across the country are capitalizing on the financial benefits of renewable energy sources, proving that going solar is a strategic business decision that virtually guarantees a solid financial return on investment. How many other business decisions are so straightforward?

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At Summit Energy Group, our goal is to help you customize the ideal clean energy set up for your company. Our experienced industry experts truly care about you, our customers, and the value that we can provide for your business. With over 40 years of experience, multiple programs and financing options, we are confident we can provide you with excellent service and value. Learn more about the Summit Energy Difference.

Commercial Energy Storage

We have a lot of powerful energy storage panels, able to power up a whole office for hours!

Industrial Solar Panels

We have an array of large solar panels, created for covering energy consumption for factories!

Commercial Solar Panels

Solar panels designed for a commercial usage are cost-efficient and eco-friendly form of renewable energy!

How much can you save?

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