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How to Choose the Right Solar Company: Your Complete Guide

The decision to install solar paneling on or around your home helps the environment and eases the electrical load on your bank account. The biggest issue with installing solar panels isn’t the act of installation but choosing the best solar company to do it. There are many companies that install

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

In the first three months of 2019 alone, Americans installed enough solar panels to generate electricity for over 12 million homes. The demand isn’t expected to slow down, either. For those seeking a cost-effective power source while helping the environment, solar panels are a great option. While solar panels can

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how does solar energy work

Solar FAQ: How Does Solar Energy Work?

All of your friends have been talking to you about converting to solar panels. While you vaguely know what they are and that they can save you money on your power bill, you don’t know how. How does solar energy work? Before you dish out all the money it would

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are solar panels worth it/solar panel maintenance

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance

Whether you’ve already installed your solar panels or are still considering this as an option there are some basic things that are important for you to know. Solar panels are an excellent way to reduce your homes energy cost and your carbon footprint. And who doesn’t want free electricity? But

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