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how many solar panels do i need

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My Building Size?

Investing in solar panels for your home or business is becoming an increasingly good option. The cost is going down, and tax credits can make the switch even more affordable. But to know if this will work for you, you need to answer an important question: “How many solar panels

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solar energy benefits

6 Solar Energy Benefits for Commercial Buildings

Switching to solar power isn’t just about being green. There are many other advantages that come with going solar. It’s time to think smart and join the other American businesses that are investing record amounts in solar power. Do you want to know why they’re doing this? Here are six

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are solar panels worth it

Are Solar Panels Worth It for Your Home?

The reality of the world we live in is that fossil fuels are not going to last forever. There is a finite number of resources on our planet. What that number is has yet to be determined, but coming up with alternative power sources is crucial in the advancement of

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Solar Roads: Are They Possible?

Are solar roads realistic?  We think so! We all know that solar energy is an incredible form of clean energy, and the reasons are apparent. The sun is going to keep streaming out light for billions of years, so it is, effectively, “free energy” that plants have been taking advantage

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What Is the Difference Between a Solar Panel & Solar Array?

Solar power can literally save the world.  We’re now at the point where human civilization is the driving force on our planet. It is our actions, our consumption of resources, and even our way of life that has the greatest impact on the environment and our ecosystems. Because of a

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